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Art is the essence of how we interpret reality, every cell in our body responds to our environment, thus if we fill our minds with beautiful heart centered intentions we can express a part of ourselves waiting to be revealed. Art is the reflection that we embody and the more we share our records the more creative energy spreads to all. It is important to consider what art does to the mind because when we are creating we are letting out energy that may not serve our highest purpose and letting in energies of bliss and happiness. We as a whole have been programmed to believe that to give to the world we must work within the systems of them, yet we are not given the reality of what goes on behind these systems to determine if we truly want to participate, as a result we are left with these confusing emotions that deter what our gifts truly hold, by creating with art, we not only express our frustrations positively, we find out what system we do want to be apart of and what would a universal language of love have to say?

I ask;  We may even find solutions without knowing it, but